ProTech® locks in labor cost based on the consumer price index and keeps them from rising above the contract term. The comprehensive program covers both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance cost.

Eligible Aircraft

  • Cessna Citation 510 – Mustang
  • Cessna Citation 525 – CJ, CJ1(+), M2, CJ2(+), CJ3(+), CJ4
  • Cessna Citation 560 – Citation Excel, XLS(+) (MSG-3 Aircraft)
  • Cessna Citation 680 – Sovereign(+)
  • Cessna Citation 680A – Latitude
  • Cessna Citation 750 – X(+)
  • King Air 90, 200, 300 series
  • Hawker 987

ProTech® Standard Program Coverage

  • Inspection document tasks
  • Engine Minor Inspections
  • Engine R&I for scheduled maintenance (includes rental I&R)
  • Engine R&I for unscheduled maintenance
  • Mandatory Service Bulletins
  • Unscheduled maintenance
  • Platinum cleaning every 3rd year
  • Consumable servicing labor
  • Shop charges
  • MSU/field trip travel time and expense (must be AOG & only in lower USA 48 states)

Program Features & Benefits

  • Contracted hourly rate adjusted annually by CPI-W
  • Predetermined hourly rate based upon annual utilization
  • No enrollment fees for new aircraft
  • Maintenance at Textron Aviation owned and participating Authorized Textron Aviation Service Facilities
  • Simple administration

Program Terms & Stipulations

  • New aircraft: 5 years/3,000 hrs
  • Used aircraft: 3 years/1,800 hrs
  • Enrollment in ProParts®
  • Enrollment in CESCOM, a division of CAMP
  • Assignable with Textron Aviation approval
  • Open account in good standing with Textron Aviation

Used Aircraft Enrollment Preconditions

  • Aircraft inspection may be required
  • Enrollment fee based upon aircraft age, flight hours & maintenance history

Program Exclusions

  • Freight, taxes, duties, travel accommodations (offsite-service for non-USA lower 48 states)
  • Labor due to corrosion, neglect or damage
  • Discretionary labor
  • Maintenance to or resulting from non-approved parts installation
  • Labor due to consequential damage
  • Engine washes
  • Out-of-warranty structural parts labor (frames, stingers, ribs, spars, skins, etc.)
  • Interior upholstery, cabinetry & entertainment equipment repairs
  • Paint labor (other than minor touch-ups)
  • Labor to perform Hydrostatic tests for oxygen, nitrogen & fire extinguisher cylinder
  • Service Bulletin labor (recommended and optional)
  • Applicable Inspection Documents (14 day clean & inspection)
  • Engine shop labor for schedule & unscheduled engine events