ProIgnition® offers a specific selection of PowerAdvantage®/ TapAdvantage® benefits, covering Engine Ignition Path parts and consumables. No enrollment inspection is required, making ProIgnition an excellent addition to ProParts® if the more comprehensive PowerAdvantage®, PowerAdvantage+ ® or TapAdvantage® programs exceed your operational needs.

Eligible Aircraft

  • Cessna Citation 525 – CJ, CJ1(+), M2, CJ2(+), CJ3(+)
  • Cessna Citation 550 – Bravo
  • Cessna Citation 560 – Citation V, Ultra, Encore(+), Excel, Ultra, XL, XLS
  • Cessna Citation 680A – Latitude

Standard Program Coverage

  • Exciters, igniters, igniter leads
  • SOAP kits, fuel/oil filters
  • Associated packings & o-rings

Program Features & Benefits

  • Contracted hourly rate per operating hour adjusted annually by CPI-W
  • Renewable/transferable
  • Enhances value of aircraft with OEM original or authorized parts & service
  • Single source for OEM, exchange, repaired & new parts

Program Terms & Stipulations

  • New aircraft: 5 years/3,000 hrs
  • Used aircraft: 3 years/1,800 hrs
  • Enrollment in CESCOM, a division of CAMP
  • Open account in good standing with Cessna

Used Aircraft Enrollment Preconditions

  • Aircraft inspection may be required
  • Enrollment fee based upon aircraft age, flight hours & maintenance history

Program Exclusions

  • Labor, freight, taxes & duties
  • FOD, abuse, accident, corrosion, erosion, deposition or failure to follow prescribed maintenance actions
  • Discretionary removals
  • Parts supplied by entities other than Textron Aviation authorized sources
  • No other engine or aircraft parts are covered except as delineated in program contract

Note: Items covered by ProIgnition® are included in PA(+), or applicable TapAdvantage® Coverage.