The AuxAdvantage® option stabilizes expenditures for APU parts replacement and overhauls with a fixed hourly rate for parts at both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance events, including the rental APU.

Eligible Aircraft

  • Cessna Citation 560 – Excel, XLS(+) (RE100)
  • Cessna Citation 650 – VII (36-150W Only)
  • Cessna Citation 680 – Sovereign(+) (RE100)
  • Cessna Citation 680A – Latitude (RE100)
  • Cessna Citation 750 – X(+) (GTCP 36-150)
  • Hawker 987

Standard Program Coverage

  • Wear-out items
  • Line Replacement Units (LRU)
  • Line maintenance parts
  • Parts required for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance
  • Shop labor at OEM
  • Parts for HSI & overhaul
  • Rental APU for both overhaul and unscheduled APU repair
  • Life-cycle limited components
  • Engine event coordination & management
  • Trouble shooting labor (on aircraft) at Textron Aviation Service Center

Program Features and Benefits

  • Contracted hourly rate per APU operating hour adjusted annually by an inflation index
  • Renewable/Assignable with Textron Aviation approval
  • No transfer fees
  • Enhances value of aircraft with OEM original or authorized parts & services

Program Terms & Stipulations

  • Accrues APU reserves through overhaul and beyond
  • Enrollment in CESCOM, a division of CAMP
  • Open account in good standing with Textron Aviation
  • Assignment with Textron Aviation approval

Used Aircraft Enrollment Preconditions

  • Enrollment fee based on hours accrued on APU
  • Inspection may be required

Program Exclusions

  • Freight, taxes & duties
  • FOD, abuse, accident, corrosion, erosion, deposition or failure to follow prescribed maintenance actions
  • Discretionary removals
  • Parts supplied by entities other than Textron Aviation authorized sources
  • Rental APU at HSI
  • Line labor